Six Figure Salary Negotiation

Your secret weapon. 

"$135,000 to $145,000. I can't believe I was afraid to ask for it! So glad this is over...thank you!"

Dominic L.
Backend Software Engineer

"The email I sent him worked well in the fact that he became aware of my situation and he pushed to get a 8% increase instead of the normal 4% max increase, so at least that will be effective starting July 1st. This 8% merit increase was a big win, and I am certain that I wouldn't have received that if I had not worked with you so far! Thank you so much for being patient, understanding, and preparing me to make a strong case about my value towards the company! "

Shihlin L.
Software Developer

"Instead of $1200 week I'm getting $1466 a week. Thank you for advising me! "

Recent Coding Bootcamp Graduate
Software Development Intern

"Thank you so much for your kind words, advice and encouragement. Truly a God-send!!! They added the 3% union raise to my offer letter!"

Porscha W.
Public historian & Archivist

What you'll get.


Knowing your worth and what to ask for when it comes to a new role is difficult and often takes tedious research.

I have ample experience in reviewing the marketplace for what benefits the new role should include, as well as what your personal qualifications should yield.

I will review your current role’s compensation and benefits, the new company and offer, and my internal data and external resources to find out what the industry standards are and what is a reasonable request for your specific situation.

We will walk through all of your research and make suggestions as well as provide any pertinent details that I’ve discovered during our review in an effort to help build a negotiation you’re comfortable and on board with.


Navigating a negotiation can seem intimidating but my goal is to instill confidence and show you how easy the process can be.

You will be coached through every step of the negotiation, from sneaking in pre-negotiation techniques during initial information gathering requests to handling any impromptu calls from your recruiter that may arise during the negotiation.

You can never be too prepared when it comes to any type of negotiation and I strive to set you up for success during easy breezy and stimulating coaching sessions.


Some of my clients prefer to be a bit more formal during the negotiation. They prefer email scripts to verbal conversations.

However, some clients are comfortable talking to recruiters and utilizing verbal scripts (and even text messages!) instead.

Regardless of your ideal negotiation preference, you will be provided everything you need for success and to feel confident during the negotiation.

I will customize and draft initial questions to gather additional input and initiate pre-negotiations, provide phone scripts for any conversations with the new company, and draft email replies and offer revisions.

You can simply copy and paste my suggested customized drafts or we can review and revise your drafts to ensure they contain proper tactics and do not hinder us at a later step during the negotiation.

My purpose is to help you never leave money on the table AGAIN.

What are the steps?


First interactions are always the most important in all negotiations – they set the stage for which negotiation strategy we deploy.

I’ve hired (and negotiated against) hundreds of candidates. I have a strong understanding of the negotiating process in multiple companies. Its important that I help you with your first interactions!

The most important time for you to get us involved is either right before (most ideal), or right after, receiving a job offer, prior to responding to the recruiting company.

The goal is to get an offer in writing before we proceed any further.


Before we dive deep into researching your job offer we feel it’s important to build a relationship with you and discuss our service benefits during a brief introductory call.

During the introductory call, my goal is to get to know you and better understand your background, find out what discussions have taken place so far during the recruiting process, understand what your ideal offer should look like, debunk any negotiation worries you may feel, and highlight how we can build a negotiation strategy around your comfort level and to fit your personality.


After getting to know your goals and negotiation comfort level we will work diligently to research all aspects that may affect the success of the negotiation – conducting a deep dive into understanding what’s included in your offer (not only the financials but all features such as vacation time, health benefits, etc.) and what items require additional feedback from the recruiting company, what leverage your current situation and experience holds, and the recruiting company’s position in regards to the industry ranges and benefits you should be able to reasonably receive in the new role.

This is where we determine what the negotiation process and strategy should look like for your unique situation.


Now that we’ve looked at every possible aspect related to your upcoming career move, we want to discuss with you in detail to ensure you understand the leverage you have in this negotiation and feel confident and comfortable with our proposed negotiation strategy.

We will make suggestions based off of our experience, getting to know you and what we found during our market research, but you ultimately have the final say on how we proceed and what you’d like to ask for.

We can design the negotiation where all you have to do is send a few well drafted emails we’ve customized for your specific situation or we can coach you to handle a live phone negotiation if you prefer to tackle in a conversation.

Regardless of the approach, our objective is to ensure you are well versed in salary negotiations to handle any situation that may arise during this process.


During the negotiation process we will help you handle any counter offer follow-ups from the recruiting company (if any) and will assist with reevaluating their revised offer, drafting additional counter offers and providing you with a sincere formal acceptance email.  

Our goal is to leave you with a better job offer than you were initially presented that accurately takes account of your true self-worth and sets you up for success in your professional career with the new company.

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Hi, I'm Stephanie. 

A former Talent Acquisition Manager & Lead Recruiter with a passion for helping empathic, highly sensitive and heart centered candidates step into leadership and position themselves to negotiate salaries at the TOP 5% of the salary range.

My resume:
I've been a Human Resources Executive responsible for managing and building an entire Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Department for companies like Sony, MSP’s in the Finance space and Tech Startups.  

Throughout my career, I’ve counseled 1,000’s of candidates and negotiated salaries for C-Level Executives making $350,000 on their base to unpaid interns looking to negotiate for the first time. 
I know what it’s like to be paralized by self doubt, imposter syndrome, and be terrified of the consequence of stepping into leadership (even when a team and department depended on it.)

I’ve played small and pretended to be weak and felt the after-effects like senior male executives treating me like I am weak.

Lastly, I’ve financially fallen victim to Social Cost because I didn't know that hearing ‘no’ was the beginning of a negotiation (salary or otherwise) and not the end.
It wasn’t until I became obsessed with letting go of old behaviors that I was able to ask for and receive the salary that I was looking for. 

I've negotiated a six-figure salary for myself when I only had about 4 years of HR experience and again even after taking a two year break. 

I've had companies provide bonuses even as an assistant and when no one else in the company received one.

I've had companies relocate me, pay for my interview travel and provide the top hourly rate when I worked as a consultant. 


→ You are in corporate ready to leave a toxic work environment. You may be an executive, sole contributor or responsible for a department and struggle with doing this successfully because of people pleasing, lack of boundaries and a fear of being seen.

→ You second guess yourself and your work. You want to become self-assured and create a personal brand you believe in.
→ You're ready to confidently show up in future interviews as an expert, commanding attention, radiating authenticity, and feeling empowered. 
→ You want to create impact through compelling work and effortlessly communicate your vision & your voice to your team.
→ You know you’re at an important part of your journey. You’re more than ready to shake off insecurity and playing small once and for all - begin the interview process seamlessly, and with polish.

You know you could likely snag a soul aligned role on your own but you're ready to do the INTERNAL work that'll ensure the position starts off well and ends well.

With a commitment to look at your insecurities deeply and full, a bit of extra support, expert guidance and a container filled with other women just like you, you know we can get you there once and for all. 

The Investment.

Regardless of the situation, you will receive a set flat rate based off the additional value or benefits I am able to obtain on your behalf. Most negotiation services only take on large offers, and they charge for those deals by the hour. Often, by the end, the hourly fees incurred are so high that they nearly take all of the value received in the negotiation. Other consultants charge complicated fee packages including a percentage of the final package and flat fee. 

We believe that this kind of billing for job offer negotiation services completely negates the reason you sought negotiation assistance. You bring in a professional to gain you extra compensation and provide you with more value out of your offer – not just redirecting that value towards their services. The Six Figure Salary Negotiator pricing is designed to be affordable and pay off within less than the first month of your new role, and most importantly to ensure our clients receive value when they utilize our services.


Our current service rate is 5% of the additional monetary value I gain for you on top of your initial job offer plus a one time $260 to rsvp your first session. This ensures you always receive a significant portion of the value obtained at the end of the negotiation.

Having a variable rate means I have a great incentive to get you the best deal possible and work as many hours as necessary to secure it. This ensure that the harder we work to have you be successful in your negotiation the better we both are with the results!

Example 1: 

For example, let’s say we helped you negotiate a $5,000 base salary increase and a $5,000 sign-on bonus (a total of $10,000 in additional value).

We would receive 5% of the extra value obtained, so you receive the additional $5,000 per year base increase and the one-time $5,000 sign-on bonus, and we earn a one-time $500 payment for our services, minus the $260 used to hold your spot.

Total cost: $240

Example 2:

Another example, let’s say your initial offer was $100,000 base salary, $5,000 sign-on bonus, 5% yearly RSU (Restricted Stock Unit) bonus, 5% yearly cash bonus, and two-weeks’ vacation (equals $115,000 for your initial offer value).

If we are able to negotiate a new offer to reflect a $110,000 base salary, $10,000 sign-on bonus, 10% yearly RSU (Restricted Stock Unit) bonus, 10% yearly cash bonus, and three-weeks’ vacation (equals $142,000 for your new offer value).

We would receive 5% of the extra value obtained, which for this example is $27,000, so we would earn a $1,350 one-time fee for our services, minus the $260 retainer.

Total cost: $1,090

Note that non-monetary items like the extra week of vacation are not included in our fees and are an extra value for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

I can guarantee you a salary that falls within the TOP OF THE RANGE for your job function. 

I get paid when you receive additional value in your initial offer. If not, then we both lose. 

I have access to recruitment white papers and online resources that provide benchmarking (low, mid, high level) salary information. 

I also partner with an executive salary negotiation firm that specializes in making equity/stock and entire salary packages easy to understand.

They handle the market research leg of this program, come highly vetted with brand name anonymous partnerships. 

We use this information to create a salary strategy to request the top of the range during the salary negotiation. 

Great, you can reach me directly at [email protected] . I will reply as soon as I can!

I'm ready!

The truth is….empathic, highly sensitive, heart-centered individuals are here to change the world. We see the bigger picture. We solve the biggest problems. We raise the vibration of the planet just by being ourselves.


Creating a new version of yourself that effortlessly advocates for yourself and attains a soul aligned position and feel good salary package doesn’t have to feel like strategy and you certainly don’t have to go it alone.


I’m here with arms wide open to help co-create your next beautifully aligned, highly generous offer package with you.


Are you ready to start this journey?

The best part of creating this program was thinking of you.


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