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Grace L. | Masterpass Product Manager

Stephanie helped me land an incredible position within a matter of weeks.

She first spotted a likely match between my skills and what my company was looking for. She made sure I was aware of the whole process, making connections and answering my questions in very timely manner. You need endurance and focus during a job search. After working with different recruiters who would quickly give up on you, Stephanie made sure I pulled through and gave me encouragement when I needed it most. I would highly recommend working with her!

Manoop K. | Assoc Application Developer JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Stephanie found and placed me at my current role with JPMC.

I appreciated working with her because it was obvious she cared about her work and she was always available to me throughout the process and even after. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Sakiko | Orchestral Trombone Player

I felt heard and given the push I needed to become better.

Stephanie is such a beautiful person inside and out. She is such a good listener. I felt heard and given the push I needed to become a better me. I love her and guarantee that you that will change for the better after working with her.

Maria Steffensen | Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Stephanie taught me how to deal with negative thoughts when I was in-between jobs.


Stephanie taught me how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings. She showed me how to deal with my emotions and stay in control. She helped me with anxiety that I would have at night and taught me how to calm myself down in order to get back to sleep. This was a big area for me because I was in-between jobs and dealing with

a lot of anxiety at night. I would stay up for hours and only fall asleep after the sun came up. I’m so grateful for having worked with her during this time. She also was very open and understanding when I spoke to her about what I wanted to achieve in my life. She came up with a very well thought out plan, and motivated me to follow through

the challenges that came up.At the time I was trying to get a handle on my eating and she helped me create a eating plan that was inline with my desires. I definitely messed up a few times but she still supported me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs career, self esteem help or wants to improve their life routines.

Alicia W. | Head of Product, Strategy & Operations Leader

Above and beyond from any recruiter I've worked with.

Steph was mission critical in our recruiting efforts. She helped scope out a brand new role for our organization and understand the varied backgrounds of potential candidates in the talent market. She was relentless about getting feedback on how candidates did or didn't fulfill must-have vs nice-to-have requirements. I appreciated how she streamlined the workflow of different tasks needed from her business partners - this was above and beyond from any recruiter I've worked with. She was super responsive and had tremendous work ethic. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her again.

Rob Phillips | Startup Advisor & Lead Engineering Infrastructure & Product

Such an empathetic person; She works hard to ensure each candidate has a great experience.

Stephanie has been a pleasure to work with, always bringing an open mind, a positive attitude and a willingness to learn about all areas of the company in order to better pitch candidates on what matters most. She is progressively minded while being focused on state-of-the-art recruiting practices and behavioral interviewing in order to ensure the right kinds of candidates are hired. Candidates are equally happy: being such an empathetic person, she works hard to ensure each candidate has a great experience. Combining all of this with how proactive and responsive she is, it's easy to recommend her for your talent management team.

Adam F. | Director, Cyber Engineering at Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

I always felt that my requirements were a top priority. I'm very happy with the level of attention that Stephanie has provided to help build out my team!


Stephanie has been working with me for many months to help me identify, screen, and recruit multiple candidates for multiple positions on my team. The skills and experience sought for these positions is very specialized and difficult to find, and identifying viable candidates took a considerable amount of effort and resourcefulness on Stephanie’s part. She was instrumental in reaching out and vetting numerous

candidates whose resumes or bios I brought to her attention. She also was able to bring numerous candidate resumes to my attention for screening. Her telephone screens of new candidates were thorough and insightful. Her follow-ups with candidates after our team’s technical screens or face-to-face interviews was always prompt and solicitous, which helped us evaluate and formulate

hiring recommendations. I know that Stephanie was juggling the hiring requirements of multiple hiring managers, but I always felt that my requirements were a top priority, never taking a back seat to the many other tasks that she was working in parallel (kudos to her time management skills). Overall I have been very happy with the level of attention and support that she has provided to help build out my team!

You're worthy of the bigger title and bigger paycheck.


Krystal G. | Product Manager, B2B

She never judged me for my faults; She gave me the push I needed to really become the confident woman I wanted to be.

Stephanie has such a beautiful soul. She is one of the few people I know who always shares her honest opinion about any subject matter. When speaking to her, I always had the confidence to be myself. She never judged me for my faults and she encouraged me to be the best me that I could be. I am so grateful to know her and to have access to her kind and encouraging words. She’s really good at not being overbearing or forceful. I always felt kindness from her during our conversations. She guided me to make the best of the situations I found myself in and more importantly gave me the confidence to make decisions that I was initially scared to make! I enjoyed our conversations very much and considered her more of a friend than anything. I found myself saying, “Yes! Or, wow! That’s exactly what I needed to hear.” I knew that I deserved everything that I wanted but it was difficult to act on it. She gave me the push I needed to really become and act like the confident woman I wanted to be. I see her talents expanding beyond boundaries and helping those who may not even know they need it. I recommend her for sure.

Jennifer Z. | Technical Program Manager (Tech Startup)

Thank you, Stephanie, for all of your help in getting here. She kept me motivated and it paid off. I can't thank her enough!

Jennifer went from being stuck at a slow-moving, stifling, demotivating company making $$,$$$ to relocating to her DREAM state with a DREAM company making $$$,$$$ in LESS than 11 weeks.

Mish S. | Director of Human Resources (Fine Art)

Work with her. She’s good. You’ll feel comfortable telling her your insecurities and fears as it relates to the job search and salary negotiation. Result? I was able to seal the deal and accepted an offer.

Mish went from a TOXIC work environment making $$,$$$ to a polished, professional museum making $$$,$$$.


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