My unpopular opinion on salary negotiation that ACTUALLY works.

This may confuse you but you really don’t need to negotiate your salary.

Yep. I said it.

Take me for example; I’ve always been given the top of the range and just asked for more at the end. 

Here’s why I didn’t have to do much – aka lose my integrity, employ useless schemes, etc…

1. I’m easy to work with

I was a super easy candidate throughout the entire process. The recruiters and team all liked me and although there were competitors that were more degreed, certified and experienced, I was someone they felt would mesh well with the team and enhance their company culture.

I did that by just making the recruiter my friend. I treated them as an ally, and as a normal person that probably interviewed ten other people that day (can you say tired???) and just wanted to go to Happy Hour with their friends like everyone else.

I didn’t make the interview an ‘interview’ instead just viewed it as a...

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Offer Negotiation: Ask for it all.

So we're currently negotiating a Sr. Product Managers offer package with a Biotech firm. 

We pushed back and asked them to revise almost every aspect of the offer: 

  • Relocation Bonus
  • Increase in Base Salary
  • Increase in RSU's
  • LTI
  • Green Card process confirmed
  • 4 weeks of vacation not 2. 

We're not doing this because we're greedy...we're doing it because she has a daughter overseas that she wants to bring here...and she'll need to create the best possible circumstance to receive her.

So the next time you feel like talking yourself out of asking for a better package just know that theres a 6'2, generally good looking man thats asking for even more than you would without blinking an eye.

Remember whats at stake.

Your comfort, your ability to really thrive in the role, your future and current family. 

If you want details on how to negotiate well, we have a private FB group with around 2-3 salary negotiation trainings. 

Join us there. 

You got this...

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How to get $10,000 more than what was budgeted. ⁣

A perfect resume, scripted answer and impressive references are the basics.

You know what will actually make you stand out?

A commitment to owning who you are and showing up as your best self.

Your best self doesn’t always need to know the answer. Your best self doesn’t need to give compliments to everyone and agree with everything the interviewer says.

Your best self is you when you’re being of service. The person you are when you’re trying to solve a problem and help.

Nervousness, self-consciousness left at the door.

- just you...trying to help and be useful.

Be that person as you answer questions and think of thoughtful replies. As you look everyone in the eye and thank them for their time.

At the final hour when you ask for $125,000 vs the $115,000 they budgeted for this role...that’s what’s going to close the deal.

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