130+ Resume Buzzwords + Resume Power Words—What to Use and What to Avoid

We LOVE this article from Career Contessa. Sharing it here for you now! 

Rule #1 of Resume Writing: Don't Be Too Wordy

A mistake we see all too often at Career Contessa is people wanting to sound “smart” on their resume. What do they do? They sprinkle in nonsensical business jargon and fluffy words. Instead of hitting their goal, they do the opposite and confuse recruiters.
Don't be afraid to use your own voice. 
We are huge proponents of infusing creativity wherever we can—especially in stiff hiring documents like a resume or cover letter—but we’d recommend ditching the jargon and instead infusing your resume with strong action verbs that highlight your skills and catch the recruiter’s eye.
This means swapping out sentences like “results-driven team player who managed the onboarding process” with something more specific, like, “I developed an onboarding...
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