The 100+ Best Job Sites for Every Type of Job

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100+ Best Job Sites for Every Type of Job

Now that we have the nitty-gritty out of the way, let’s dive into the job sites and job boards to find any employee—or any job, if you’re reading this as a job seeker.
The following are the best job search sites on the internet, including some of the smaller niche job boards needed when hiring for specific roles or talent.
We profiled a number of types of job boards, picking our “favorite” in each category.  

How We Picked Our Favorite Job Sites  

In each section, we chose a favorite job board. We know it’s frustrating to see anything listed as the “#1 best” without any background knowledge. 
We used three criteria in picking our favorite job boards and here they are. 
  • Usability: This means how easy and functional it is to use for both job seekers and...
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How to Lose Respect

The wacky thing about bending over backward to make others feel comfortable is that instead of them seeing you as uber polite....they mistake it for incompetence and weakness. Funny story...

I use to be that girl.

I use to explain away my statements before I made them. I would defer to the men in the room and let them speak before me.

I would give overdone "Yes, please! or Thank you's or "No, no it's okay!!", when I shouldn't have.

This has not only ALWAYS bitten me in the ass but made me resent the person I talked to this way. 

You can't expect someone to treat you with respect if every time you're given the chance to assert yourself by receiving reverence, compliments you brush them off or play the weaker part.

In a work environment, this is something that will get you 'killed'. Now, your smarter colleagues will see through this facade of yours and will still treat you with respect but less evolved...

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