Ten Questions to ask a Founder

Ten Questions to ask a Founder

I always say that since 2020, the market has started to fall more so in candidates hands. We can be pickier, we can ask spicier questions...we can really interview a company back.

If you're a soft spoken person that values working with healthy, team oriented, emotionally intelligent and mature professionals then you may want to suss out character traits/flaws from the companies founder and your potential direct manager. Here are a few questions you can ask to let your gut shed light on if this is the best company for you.

I recommend rapport building questions or questions that suss out their character. You'll not only be able to pick up on if they are still in love/motivated by the company, if they think about failures, wins objectively, have hope and have the same values that you do:

I always like to start with something along the line of:

"You know its not often someone gets to meet with someone who's built a __ company. Thank you for the time."...

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