How To Get Your First Six Figure Position

Targeting your first 6-fig position? Let's help!

You know you should be at 100k by now...even if you've held a slew of tech support, sales, retail etc.... You know you should be able to convince, talk yourself enough or even deserve that role. 

So what do you want to do....and how can you get there?

Sorry to say, but that is the first step. Stop meeting with family and friends. 


Instead do this:

1. Pull out your resume and dictate (use otter.a it's the best!) 
Write down not only what you accomplished there but also what you rocked! What did you do well?

What did you do that they didn't ask you to do but you did anyway??

What lasting impressions did you leave...quantitative or qualitative accomplishments (wins) are okay!

Really bask in this. Throw music on and BLAST IT.

Fall back in love with yourself; with your worth; with the possibilities of that upcoming career you're creating. Let this be a spiritual moment. Because it surely is one.


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The 100+ Best Job Sites for Every Type of Job

We LOVE this article from Career Contessa. Sharing it here for you now! 


100+ Best Job Sites for Every Type of Job

Now that we have the nitty-gritty out of the way, let’s dive into the job sites and job boards to find any employee—or any job, if you’re reading this as a job seeker.
The following are the best job search sites on the internet, including some of the smaller niche job boards needed when hiring for specific roles or talent.
We profiled a number of types of job boards, picking our “favorite” in each category.  

How We Picked Our Favorite Job Sites  

In each section, we chose a favorite job board. We know it’s frustrating to see anything listed as the “#1 best” without any background knowledge. 
We used three criteria in picking our favorite job boards and here they are. 
  • Usability: This means how easy and functional it is to use for both job seekers and...
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