Sep 29, 2018

I’d like to talk about spirituality.You know that thing people run to when they aren’t able to do things on their own? Yeah, that.

Where religion has some unbelievers beat is that sometimes people aren’t able to do things on their own. It’s like impossible.

Maybe for some people its not. They have iron clad will power, low neuroticism, and an amazing work ethic; and then there are others who don’t.

These people may make goals but fall short, lose faith in their abilities and just don’t have the discipline to finish what they’ve started.

Developing a personalized spiritual practice or belief system takes the weight and blame off of your shoulders. You can rest easy in knowing what you desire will come to you. That energy is a positive one and positivity bleeds into other areas of life, helping you to get closer to your goals.

Also, starting the day being grateful and thanking the universe for what you have is always a good idea. I see miracles in my day to day life that honestly makes me want to cry.

Below are a few quotes that inspired me to give up control over my decisions and just rest in a higher power.

I am certainly not subscribed to ANY  religion OR sitting back on my laurels waiting for my goals to drop from the sky and land on my lap, but what is most important to me now is to stay positive, be grateful for my life and also to thank the universe for everything good happening, as it happens, coupled with prayer in the morning.

Just talking to God/the universe.

Also attending a spiritual center of some kind once a week (a church, synagogue etc..)

Now you’re not alone, you have a friend that sits on your shoulder and is just raining little bits of joy on you bit by bit because even with all your failures you are worthy of good things.

Also, spirituality is an intensely unique practice for everyone.

Make it tailored to you, don’t just choose something and believe it.

Pick and choose what speaks to you, and believe.

Believe in a higher power that will help you, love you and ultimately has the final say.

Believe that this power knows your desires, wants the best for you and will provide an amazing beautiful life for you.

Couple that all together and continue to be mindful of your goals – long term and short.

Take small steps every day towards them, even if that only means giving thanks in the morning. Small steps are the way you change.

Below are the images I spoke about earlier.

And, if you’d like to work on getting clearer on your goals and moving towards them full steam ahead then send me a message. You can review packages here.

Good luck.


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