Happy or Sad- Keep Building YOUR Life

Sep 29, 2018

I think for a lot of women, its always been easier to be more present, friendly, active and outward focused when going through a rough time vs. being happy and newly in love.

Pretty terrible right?

For example, your relationship is going up in flames may cause you to talk more, be friendlier to friends and loved ones. Basically in an attempt to immerse yourself in their lives while forgetting your problems…

Obviously, this isn’t good.

So, let’s decide that happy or sad let’s continue to be present and work.

Continue to develop your hobbies.

Keep your lunch dates.

Don’t drift during conversations.

Be just as amazing of a person to others as you are when sad as when you’re happy. New relationships tend to make you obsessive but it’s better to fight the urge.

Remember being a whole person is what will save you when/if conflict comes. So, try to live your life consistently vs. going all in one direction while neglecting the other directions your life pulls you in.


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