Exercise: Post Holiday Self Care

Sep 29, 2018

You came. You ate. You partied.


Now you have to go back to work, school or any other responsibilities that may be filling you with dread.

Let’s try to reframe this dread and have some fun with it?

Here's an activity to get you to look at your school or workplace in a new light, as well as get rid of some of those nasty/stress-filled emotions you have towards it.


Go someplace quiet, sit and close your eyes.

Visualize what you’re dreading.

Feel the dread.

Where does it rest in your body? Can you tell? Try to.

Now start to envision a fuzzy whitish blurry ball.

It could be a blob or a shapeless shining light.

Imagine it vibrating with amazingly positive energy.

Think about something that means the world to you.

That makes you smile and tremble with joy.

Imagine this is the ball of light.

Now imagine this light engulfing the dread and taking it away from you.


Try doing this in the mornings before work whenever you have an especially stressful day coming up.

Also, you can add in a gratitude practice by visualizing and getting excited about related to your job.

Maybe there’s an amazing pizza shop nearby or you get to see your friends… anything at all. But try to focus on that and say thank you over and over in your mind until you feel it!

*If you find yourself seriously stressed out by a job or school then maybe you should think about a change. Nothing should make you cry every night. At that point, it’s best to make the change.

Working with a coach one on one is a great way to get to your goals faster and more efficiently. Don’t let this year go by with a bunch of new habits left by the wayside. Let’s work together to get them done. Finally.

Good luck.

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