I'm Stephanie Heath. I was a people pleaser. I performed as an assistant instead of the lead I was hired to be. And I did not show up as a Business Partner to my team. I learned that in order for me to get the life I wanted I needed to let go of Imposter Syndrome. Of Doormat Syndrome. In my twenties I discovered self worth and my journey began.

I stepped up and...I built out a recruitment organization at fortune 500 companies like Sony, Amazon, tech startups and MSP's servicing hedge funds. I hired 100's of people at various investment banks including - JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse. I negotiated the salaries of C-Suite Executives ranging from $350,000 a year to interns making $10 an hour.

I've presented my Salary Negotiation fundamentals for 100+ job seekers during LIVE and virtual workshops across the country. I learned to show up confidently for my team and my clients.

I continually negotiate my own salary and at only 4 years of experience, I became a six-figure earner. Now, I use my salary negotiation techniques to help women like you create a six-figure career for yourself.

Meet the {soul work} Team

{soul work}

Operations, Partnerships & Client Success


Maxine is a people person that plans on using those skills while supporting SoulWork clients and finishing up her Hospitality Management degree.

She loves to loves photography, astrology, and trying new food places! You can always find her either reading, meditating or watching documentaries in her free time.
She's obsessed with traveling around Asia and other places to discover new cultures and explore what each area offers.

Like the rest of the team....her ultimate goal is to have financial and time freedom. She is a true Soul Worker.

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{soul work}

Finance & Legal


Sharon is in charge of finances at SoulWork, but her life is anything but strictly business!

Being an island girl, she loves the outdoors, but is not so much a fan of heights, especially when it comes to bungee jumping or riding a Ferris wheel.

Gardening is one of her favorite pastimes and she would rather be outside enjoying all that nature has to offer over anything.

She could easily WIN a mango or watermelon contest because as a child, she had days where she only wanted to eat mangoes!

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{soul work}

Web Master UI/UX Project Manager


Christine is a digital savvy that has serviced 7-fig solopreneurs for the better half of this decade. She is a Kajabi SME and loves putting her unique stamp on our landing pages, funnels and homepage. SoulWork is not her only home but it's definitely one of her favorites. We are beyond grateful to have found her! Her fun facts are below!

She is currently studying law {Juris Doctor} and hope to become a lawyer in the future.

She love to read and design, She like to watch movies and series, She like listening to music and playing video games.

She's also a tech savvy person, who's always on the lookout for any new technology that might help her accomplish her goals and make her life easier.

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{soul work}

OBM, SEO & Digital PM


Alex oversees multiple digital and creative projects for SoulWork.

Outside of work, she considers herself an adventure seeker and enjoys watching horror to the point where she'd like to write a book or screenplay for the genre.

Her dream life involves living in a Long Beach villa with a 1987 Chevy pick-up, weekly surfing, getting more tattoos, and adopting a black Labrador Retriever.

Oh, and did we mention she's notorious for carrying tabasco in her purse?

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