The Six Figure Catalyst Career Program

Your secret weapon. 

"Stephanie helped me land an incredible position within matter of weeks. She first spotted a likely match between my skills and what my company was looking for. She made sure I was aware of the whole process, making connections and answering my questions in very timely manner. You need endurance and focus during a job search. After working with different recruiters who would quickly give up on you, Stephanie made sure I pulled through and gave me encouragement when I needed it most. I would highly recommend working with her!"

Masterclass Product Manager

"Stephanie found and placed me at my current role with JPMC. I appreciated working with her because it was obvious she cared about her work and she was always available to me throughout the process and even after. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

Associate Application Developer at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Imagine a life like this:

You are worthy of the bigger title and bigger paycheck. You always receive what you need - like an assistant to support you. Your opinions are valued and you're always asked for your take. You're invited to fly to other offices and you feel like a valued team member.

You don't feel overworked and being underpaid is a thing of the past. You have new colleagues that feel like friends. 

You're a Business Partner and not everyones' assistant. You are the leader you know you should be. 

Sounds like a dream doesn't it? 

Well guess what, that dream became my reality when I decided to become a Business Partner. I’m going to show you how you can do it, too.

The Catalyst is an

intimate group mentorship program designed to give you a special advantage as you enter the job market discreetly and leave quickly; all in a way that feels good and ends with a perfect six-figure position.

You can look forward to:

...6 expansive weeks dedicated to create a polished interview persona.



and intimate...1:1 mentorship that transforms you into the leader and business partner you were destined to be.

It’s your worthiness accelerator, personal and corporate brand refiner all in one.

—giving you everything you need to step into a new personal brand that ensures you achieve your professional aspirations.

Hi, I'm Stephanie. 

A former Talent Acquisition Manager & Lead Recruiter with a passion for helping empathic, highly sensitive and heart centered candidates step into leadership and position themselves to negotiate salaries at the TOP 5% of the salary range.

My resume:
I've been a Human Resources Executive responsible for managing and building an entire Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Department for companies like Sony, MSP’s in the Finance space and Tech Startups.  

Throughout my career, I’ve counseled 1,000’s of candidates and negotiated salaries for C-Level Executives making $350,000 on their base to unpaid interns looking to negotiate for the first time. 
I know what it’s like to be paralized by self doubt, imposter syndrome, and be terrified of the consequence of stepping into leadership (even when a team and department depended on it.)

I’ve played small and pretended to be weak and felt the after-effects like senior male executives treating me like I am weak.

Lastly, I’ve financially fallen victim to Social Cost because I didn't know that hearing ‘no’ was the beginning of a negotiation (salary or otherwise) and not the end.
It wasn’t until I became obsessed with letting go of old behaviors that I was able to ask for and receive the salaries that I was looking for. 

I've negotiated a six-figure salary for myself when I only had about 4 years of HR experience and again even after taking a two year break. 

I've had companies provide bonuses even as an assistant and when no one else in the company received one.

I've had companies relocate me, pay for my interview travel and provide the top hourly rate when I worked as a consultant. 

I'm passionate about transforming heart centered, soft spoken women by empowering them to lead with confidence in and outside of the interview process. 


I’m here to guide you with the mindset & tools you need to build a powerful personal brand that allows you to earn more...feel happier and...acheive. 

My purpose is to help you awaken your leadership, communicate your personal brand, and accept soul aligned six-figure offers!


✓ Six eye-opening modules. Each week you’ll receive access to a new module filled with guides, workbooks, and videos that ask all the right questions & give you the guidance you need to build your personal brand, pitch, resume and a strategic salary negotiation plan.

✓ Weekly intimate group mentorship calls where you’ll receive customized coaching and accountability check-in's every week.

✓ A private online community. Where you’ll be able to receive customized feedback from me, connect with your new six-figure besties, and celebrate the progress of manifesting your goals.

Testimonial: And discover a side of you never knew.

We focus on what really matters, the necessary internal work to build the life and career you’ve always wanted with intention.

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→ You are in corporate ready to leave a toxic work environment. You may be an executive, sole contributor or responsible for a department and struggle with doing this successfully because of people pleasing, lack of boundaries and a fear of being seen.

→ You second guess yourself and your work. You want to become self-assured and create a personal brand you believe in.
→ You're ready to confidently show up in future interviews as an expert, commanding attention, radiating authenticity, and feeling empowered. 
→ You want to create impact through compelling work and effortlessly communicate your vision & your voice to your team.
→ You know you’re at an important part of your journey. You’re more than ready to shake off insecurity and playing small once and for all - begin the interview process seamlessly, and with polish.

You know you could likely snag a soul aligned role on your own but you're ready to do the INTERNAL work that'll ensure the position starts off well and ends well.

With a commitment to look at your insecurities deeply and full, a bit of extra support, expert guidance and a container filled with other women just like you, you know we can get you there once and for all. 

The Journey

Resume Creation

LinkedIn Audit & Executive Bio

We'll connect via video chat where you'll share your story, your career progression and personal wins.

Following we'll work through your resume and I'll provide targeted edits.  

You will receive:
One round of edits to the content.
And two stylistic choices to choose from. (Color scheme etc.) 

I'll teach you how to make the most of your submissions via LinkedIn and other job boards. 

We'll set a submission strategy that will optimize how many initial interviews you will receive. 

We'll take one session to create pitches to describe:

Your last four positions

Education choice

Past failures for last four positions.

Additionally you will receive a short but sweet elevator pitch.

You will receive a recording of this session so no need to take notes. You can refer back to it for memorization.

We will jam out on the behavioral questions you'll expect to be asked in the interview process. 

Prior to the session you will receive a print out of the questions so you are not going in blind and can prepare a bit!

You will receive a recording of this session in the event you'd like to memorize your answers or refer back to them. 

This session will walk through a few questions I need to create a benchmark for your position.

In one week you will receive the low, mid and high range of your position plus a recommendation of the amount and benefits package you should be targeting.

Our session will introduce advanced techniques and give you an opportunity to practice.

You will receive one tailored email and verbal persuasive response.

Optional support for an additional 6 weeks or as needed. 

Week 7 -11: Application & Negotiation Week:
Option to add ALL interview dates to Stephanie’s Calendar so she can have a (15 minute) prep call with you before your interviews and salary negotiations. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I can guarantee an increase in recruiter views to your LinkedIn profile, an increase in initial phone screens, onsite and final round interviews.

I can guarantee you a salary that falls within the TOP OF THE RANGE for your job function. 

I have access to recruitment white papers and online resources that provide benchmarking (low, mid, high level) salary information. 

We use this information to create a salary strategy to request the top of the range during the salary negotiation. 

Regarding the sessions, unfortunately, we cannot re-arrange them because I'd love to make sure you're receiving multiple interviews and not just the one that you received on your own.

However, we can expedite your sessions and hold multiple sessions per week and even per day. Just let me know and I'll make space in my calendar! 

Great, you can reach me directly at [email protected] . I will reply as soon as I can!

Some of the results you can expect from taking this program are...

  • Gaining a sense of direction and an effective career development plan.

  • Build your personal brand for better career prospects.

  • Have greater confidence in the workplace.

  • Overcome personal or professional obstacles standing in your way of success.

  • Creation & discovery of exciting life goals to gain a sense of purpose and direction, and begin building the life you want.

  • Experience increased confidence & self-esteem.

  • Overcome personal challenges, obstacles & fears standing in your way of happiness.

  • Understand your emotions and how to manage them for enhanced emotional well-being.

  • Achieve a better work-life balance.

  • Experience enhanced health, relationships, success, wealth, leisure time and more!

I'm ready to join the Catalyst!

The truth is….empathic, highly sensitive, heart-centered individuals are here to change the world. We see the bigger picture. We solve the biggest problems. We raise the vibration of the planet just by being ourselves.


Creating a new version of yourself that effortlessly interviews and attains a soul aligned position doesn’t have to feel like strategy or canned and sales-y and you certainly don’t have to go it alone.


I’m here with arms wide open to help co-create your next beautifully aligned position with you.


Are you ready to start this journey with us?

The best part of creating this program was thinking of you.


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